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Who We Are

Embu Water and Sanitation Company (EWASCO) Limited was incorporated as a company by Embu Municipal Council in March 2003. The Company became operational in March 2005 and the financial operations of the Company were separated from those of the Municipal Council in July 2005. After devolution the Company is wholly owned by the Embu County Government.

Water supply network coverage in 2005 was 23 km2 out of 80 km2(29% coverage) and has increased to 775 km2 in 2017 out of 975 km2(79.5% coverage). However, the total area presumed to be under EWASCO is approximately 1,200 sq. km

The population served in 2005 was 23,000 out of 60,000 (40%) and presently the population served by a total number of 26,000 accounts is estimated to be 175,000 out of 207,000 (85%)

EWASCO is a company wholly owned by Embu Municipal Council and its mandated to providing water and sewage services. The Community owns the Company by proxy as the Council is a trustee of the people. The Company is managed by nine directors at policy level and by a Corporate Management Team. Embu Water and sanitation has its fundamental goal and purpose as conserving, managing and protecting water resources for development.

Safe water and sanitation services to the satisfaction of our Customers

To provide quality, adequate, affordable and sustainable water and sanitation services through eco-friendly technologies


Integrity: We uphold the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in all our operations. We are committed to efficient use of resources and being  accountable for our actions.
Team Work: EWASCO staff will work as a committed team in realizing the Company goals.
Professionalism: We take a professional and objective approach in all our Operations. We uphold competence, high standards, reliability and excellence in our work.
Safety: We are committed to safe working environment and protection of the environment as we undertake our operations.
Innovation: EWASCO recognizes that innovation is key in improving service delivery. The Company is therefore committed to fostering creativity and innovation in the entire work force.
Customer focus: We recognize that our customers are the reason why we exist. We endeavor to provide high quality services which meet customer needs and honor commitments that we have made to them.