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Understanding Water

Have you ever wondered how water gets to your tap?

In terms of the water cycle water is obtained from the rain, which get stored in rivers before commencing the journey to reach our taps.
As a County owned water utility Embu Water (EWASCO) provides clean drinking water to our 22,000 customers who includes businesses and households within the jurisdiction of Embu county and Parts of Kirinyaga County.

EWASCO supplies 28,000 CUBIC Meters of drinking water through a distribution network of 11 896 km. During the water treatment process contaminants are removed from untreated water to produce drinking water that is pure enough for the most critical of its intended uses, usually for human consumption.

Substances that are removed during the process of drinking water treatment include suspended solids, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, minerals such as iron, manganese and sulfur, and other chemical pollutants such as fertilizers.

EWASCO ensure water quality not only relate to the treatment of the water, but to its distribution after treatment as well. World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines are generally followed throughout the world for drinking water quality requirements. In addition to the WHO guidelines, Water Services Regulatory Board (Wasreb) have guidelines that EWASCO follows to ensure consumers to have access to safe drinking water.