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Test Water Meter

To log any fault, contact the nearest water office. You may also log a fault on EWASCO water website here.

If you think your meter is faulty you can apply to have it tested. This is only done after three consecutive readings have been taken on the meter in dispute. A meter is only regarded as faulty when it registers more than 5 percent too slow or too fast.

If a customer disputes a meter reading and suspects it to be faulty, they will be required to pay a meter test fee upfront.

EWASCO will send a service request a technician  to remove the meter under dispute and replace it with a temporary one.

The meter will be sent for testing by EWASCO and the results will be sent to Technician in charge , who will in turn notify the customer.

Should the meter be found to be faulty,  it will be replaced and adjustments will be made on their account. However, if the meter is found to be faultless, no changes will be made.