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Key Development projects undertaken by EWASCO

1Mwiria intake and Mukangu treatment works phase 1 This project was implemented using internally generated funds and vendor credit. It improved production from 2000m3/day to 14,000 m3/day2006-2008
2Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) projectThis was a JICA Support project unconditional grant of USD 22,000,000. Through the project, water production increased from 14,000-28,000m3/day and coverage from 60,000-200,000 people/day2010-2012
4Thuchi Water Project The project was funded by Mbeere North CDF for Ksh 150 Million. The project was able to serve 20,000 people through the kiosk and individual connections in Mbeere North2011-2012
5County-funded projects Distribution pipeline extensions especially in Kithimu and Evurore wards 2014-2022
6EWASCO funded pipeline extensionsDistribution network extension in Mbeere North, Mbeere South and Ena. Continuous
7NRW ManagementCapacity building training on NRW reduction and additional equipment by JICA2017-2022
8Improvement of Embu Sewerage Project -Phase 1 The project was financed by the world bank and a bank Loan (total USD=4,500,000) through the Output Based Aid program. Through it, Sewerage coverage increased from 26% to 75%. Sewer revenue increased from Ksh 1.2M to the current Ksh 5M. 2018-2021
9Gachuriri water project Pipeline extension and water kiosk funded by WSTF at a cost of Ksh 14 million2022
10Conditional Liquidity Support Grant (CLSG). 2200 Customer meter replacement and a water boozer 2200 Customer meter replacement and a 10,000 Litres water boozer 2021- date


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