We provide water and sanitation services to areas stretching from Kangaru to Ngiiri Mbeere,

The entity operates within the five regions mentioned below, pipe networks all over, two Treatment plants and one wastewater treatment plant:

  • North West: Embu Town, Kangaru, Majimbo, P.I
  • South East : Kiritiri
  • North East: Kithimu, Itabua, Karurina, Gakwegori
  • South West: Gachoka, Kiamuringa, Kanyariri,
  • Kanyuambora:

The entity has a capacity to supply supplies 30,000M3 per day of fit to drink water. The water is taped from Rupingazi river, treated at Mukangu T. Works and then gets distributed.  The water complies with the WASREB standards.

Wastewater gets collected and reticulated via wastewater network where 3000M3/day of sewage is treated, this process is done at our  wastewater treatment works..

In response to our ageing infrastructure, EWASCO has an Infrastructure Renewal Plan.