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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1) How do I Check and Pay my bills?
By dialing *483*466#.
2) How much is reconnection fee?
Ksh 1000
3) Why don’t I receive my bill on my phone?
Call our customer care lines and have your phone number registered to your water account number. You may have deactivated the promotional codes. To activate press *456*9*5*5*1#
4) How do I reach the customer care’s desk?
By calling our Toll-Free number 0800721521 Embu Town 0791 610 239 Ena 0706 865 257 Kiritiri 0729 127 437 Kanyuambora 0729 127 434 Gachoka 0114146081
5) What are the other platforms I can use to reach the company?
Instagram: EWASCO_limited Twitter: EWASCO_limited Facebook: Embu Water and Sanitation Company Limited Website: www.embuwater.co.ke
6) What requirements do I need for a new meter connection?
Download a new application form from our website. EWASCO will provide a Plumber to assess the site where water is to be installed. Return a duly filled form to any of our offices. You need to have your copies of: - ID, KRA Pin & Title Deed/Land Search/ Allotment letter
7) What is the cost of a new water connection?
Domestic – ksh 5,100 i.e. (2,500-deposit, 2,500-labour & 100- Application fee) Commercial – Ksh 5,600 i.e. (3000-deposit, 2500-labour & 100- Application fee) Commercial (Café) – Ksh 6,100 (3,500-deposit, 2,500-labour & 100- Application fee) Hotels – Ksh 6,600 (4,000-deposit, 2,500-labour & 100- Application fee) Schools and institutions – Ksh 22,600 (20,000-deposit, 2,500-labour & 100- Application fee) Water Kiosks – Ksh 7,600 (5,000-deposit, 2,500-labour & 100- Application fee)
8) How long does it take to get a new water connection?
It takes two weeks to get a new connection after assessment by the Plumber.
9) How safe is EWASCO water for drinking?
It is very safe. We provide safe and quality water and sanitation service.
10) How do I get reconnected after paying an outstanding bill?
Visit any of our offices or call any of customer care lines.
11) Am I allowed to reconnect my water after paying an outstanding bill?
No, it is a criminal offence to reconnect your own water.
12) How do I register to get bills sent via SMS?
Visit any of our offices or call any of customer care lines.
13) What is self-reading?
This is where a customer reads their own meters. A customer can read their own meters by: - i. Taking the meter readings and submit to any of our offices. ii. Taking the meter readings and call any of the customer care numbers. iii. Taking a picture of the meter readings and submit them to any of our offices.
14) How do I read my own meter?
A meter is read by picking the first four (4) black digits indicated on the meter.
15) How do I report leaks, bursts, and sewer blockages?
By calling any of our customer care lines.
16) What do I do if I suspect my meter is faulty?
Report to the company and a Plumber will be sent to confirm.
17) What do I do if my meter was stolen?
Report to the company and you will be instructed on how to pay for a new meter. The cost of a new meter replacement is Ksh 3000.
18) How do I close my account?
First, clear all pending bills. Fill a termination form at any of our offices.
19) How do I get a deposit refund?
After closing an account, the customer will wait for one month to allow for any final billing to be done. After paying for the final billing, the customer will fill a deposit refund form. The deposit will be refunded to the customer via M-pesa.
20) How do I lodge a complaint?
Call any of our customer care lines or use our social media platforms.
21) How do I get other services like Exhauster & Water Bowser?
Visit our any of our offices or call us on our customer care lines. You will be advised on where and how much to pay. Bring the bank deposit slip to our offices and an invoice will be created for you.
22) Do you sell manure?
Yes. 1 tonne – Ksh. 500
23) Is the manure safe for farming?
Yes, to be used for plants that take more than three (3) months to be harvested e.g. coffee, maize, tea etc.
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