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Embu Water and Sanitation Company (EWASCO) has today 13th Nov 2023 participated in the nationwide tree planting day. The exercise is an activity to support the government to achieve its plan to grow 15 billion trees by 2023 to fight climate change.

The company Board chairman FCPA John Nyaga and EWASCO Managing Director Eng. James N. Njeru led EWASCO staff members in the tree planting activity in various parts of the county and especially within the company mandated area.

“River banks are prone to erosion if they are not well covered with vegetation. Furthermore, many important indigenous trees are riverine, i.e., they occur naturally only or mainly along water courses. Thus, vegetation along rivers is important both from an environmental point of view and for the production of special commodities, e.g., medicine or fruits,’’ EWASCO Chairman FCPA John Nyaga told the staff while leading in the tree planting activity at EWASCO new sewerage.

The company Chairman FCPA John Nyaga said by planting indigenous trees in our country, the nature will revert to times when the country would receive sufficient and well distributed rainfall across the nation.

EWASCO Managing Director Eng. James N. Njeru emphasized that this initiative will span the company’s various business areas, aligning with the Government’s goal of planting 15 billion trees to achieve a 30% forest cover. Eng. Njeru urged the community to fully utilize the rainy season by planting trees to prevent soil erosion as well as soil degradation.

As part of efforts to save our Country by keeping it green, EWASCO members of Staff showed their patriotism by engaging in the tree planting activity in Manyatta, Mbeere South, Runyenjes and Mbeere north constituencies.

Rains have failed the past five seasons causing insufficient water in the rivers that sources thus the company experience challenges to serve the community without rationing programs but if all take part in planting trees and stop deforestation water will be sufficient downstream.

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