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Farewell to EWASCO Interns: Building Bonds and Skills


Farewell to EWASCO Interns: Building Bonds and Skills

At the EWASCO Interns Farewell event held today, an intern from the commercial department expressed their gratitude for the experience. They started as strangers but, by the end of the program, had forged strong friendships with their colleagues, thanks to the unwavering support they received throughout their journey. The event was graced by the Company’s Managing Director, Eng James N. Njeru.

EWASCO had engaged interns across various departments as part of the internship program, initiated by the government in 2017 with the aim of creating one million jobs annually. This program has proven instrumental in providing interns with specialized knowledge, skill refinement, expanded professional networks, and a competitive edge.

Interns in fields ranging from Engineering to Geographic Information System (GIS), Data Analysis, Accounts and Finance, Human Resources Management, and other related courses played a crucial role in the services provided by EWASCO.

The Managing Director of EWASCO emphasized that this initiative is a global multisector partnership aimed at addressing the growing need for enhanced education, training, and employment opportunities for young individuals. He urged the interns to carry forward the discipline they had demonstrated during their one-year journey at EWASCO, highlighting its significance across all sectors.

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