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EWASCO and Hon. Muriithi Kobole Partner to Bring Water Connectivity to Gichegeri Village

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EWASCO and Hon. Muriithi Kobole Partner to Bring Water Connectivity to Gichegeri Village

EWASCO, in collaboration with Hon. Muriithi Kobole, the Member of County Assembly (MCA) for the area, organized a Public Baraza at Gichegeri Village, Karurina on Friday, June 16, 2023. The primary objective of the event was to address the water connectivity needs of the village. Although the community had constructed a main pipeline, the individual households were still awaiting connection.

During the meeting, Hon. Muriithi Kobole pledged to sponsor the connection process for 70 new households in the area. This sponsorship encompasses covering the customers’ deposit and meter rent, along with providing the necessary connection fittings. The community members who attended the meeting were elated and expressed their gratitude for this generous commitment.

To expedite the implementation of water connections, it was agreed that on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, EWASCO’s Technical Officer responsible for the area and her team would visit the village. They would offer guidance on trenching requirements for domestic connections and assist with the completion of application forms.

In addition to discussing water connections, the issue of meter theft was addressed during the baraza. EWASCO’s Security Officer educated the community about the consequences of such activities and encouraged villagers to report any incidents of meter theft to the company’s offices. This proactive approach aims to curb meter theft once the households are connected to the water supply.

Overall, this baraza signifies a significant milestone in the journey to improve water accessibility in Gichegeri village. The commitment from Hon. Muriithi Kobole and the forthcoming support from EWASCO have instilled hope and enthusiasm among the villagers, who eagerly await the implementation of water connections in their homes.

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