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Embu Water and Sanitation Company Ltd [EWASCO] in partnership with the Embu County Government is exploring a site to drill a borehole in the upper Muminji ward in Mbeere North Constituency.

The borehole is expected to boost EWASCO’s supply area of jurisdiction and will be one of the major projects to relieve the community from water shortages.

 Ability to store water depends very much upon geological conditions and on the host formation. It is for this reason that the EWASCO Management has deployed qualified geologists that will help to identify the best site for the borehole.

 The team is considering the most appropriate surveys that are quite effective in locating water-bearing formations.

Borehole siting is a critical part of the process of providing safe and reliable supply of groundwater where the best sites are those in which catchment (natural water input) may be maximized. So far, the team has already identified Kamugu primary school as the first appropriate site but EWASCO Managing Director CPA Dickson Njiru has instructed this team to take two more days to identify another area for comparison of the best site with the best host formation.

EWASCO will also consider deeper aquifers confined by impermeable layers to reduce any risk of contamination from surface pollutants.

Karen Wawira, a resident from Getua village, says that when the project is complete, then children will be improving their performance in school since much of the time is consumed by fetching water from ephemeral streams that most of them are contaminated by human and animal activities. Getua village is among the driest areas of Muminji ward with no piped water.

The project is expected to cover Itira and Karambari sublocations targeting to serve at least 5,000 families’ with safe water.

Public institutions such as schools, hospitals and Market centers will be benefit from this project. Other areas that will directly benefit include-; Getua Village , Kirithiga, Kiamugongo, Kirii, Kavuguri and lower Kivwe are among the areas that will directly benefit from this initiative.

The Member of County Assembly for Muminji Ward Hon. Newton Karish confirmed that the County Government of Embu will fund the project by drilling the borehole while Embu Water and Sanitation Company Limited [EWASCO] will contribute with pipeline, technical skills, water distribution to the customers as well as maintaining the project.

The first phase of this project will use approximately Ksh4 million. 

Embu Water and Sanitation Company limited is determined to serve the community to satisfaction.

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