EWASCO acquired a Loan from Commercial Bank (Co-op-Bank) of KES 450,000,000 with Support from World Bank through WSTF for sewerage expansion within Embu town with a Subsidy if governance and targets are achieved of KES 270,000,000 leaving a Residual Loan to be paid of KES 180,000,000. The project is 52% complete. The subsidy will form the bases for another funding of KES 280,000,000 to be used for improving water production at Mukangu Treatment Works. The funding will be from Kenya Water Pooled Fund supported by Kingdom of Netherlands. In recognition

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As Embu water & Sanitation Company limited we understand that we have a responsibility to our society and we have made Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) an integral part of our business culture. To underline our deep commitment to making a difference in people’s lives, we are guided by an existing policy and EWASCO commits a substantial budgetary allocation each year to CSR initiatives. EWASCO CSR efforts focuses on the following five key areas

Vulnerable Groups


In 2018, the company rolled out a campaign with a target to plant and sustain over a thousand trees all over Embu. This is part of our contribution to national development and improving the wellbeing of the communities where we do business. Our efforts aim to increase Kenya’s forest cover to the desirable standards and protect the environment for present and future generations.








Embu Water & Sanitation Company  has been  keen in its  efforts to reach out to the sick and underprivileged members of the society and so we are working to complement the efforts of the government in provision of better healthcare. The Company offers long term solutions to health care all over the county through donation of health  equipments such as  wheel chairs , clothing to young children from institutions such as prisons, donating sanitary towels just to mention a few. The main aim of these donations is to  to promote health to the poor.


Sports activities not only unite people, but also provide an avenue for many to realize their sporting talents. In light of this, EWASCO has been a stakeholder to sports and sporting activities. Other beneficiaries of sports sponsorship include; Embu 7’s where the company provided clean drinking water to the twenty four teams from several counties. EWASCO will participate in this year’s WASCO which will be held in Nyeri end of August 2018. EWASCO sports brings service water providers together and enhance their well being through sports. This interactions foster close working relationships among water service providers  and help staff improve in a  number of areas among them physical fitness









As a way of reaching out to the less fortunate members of our society, EWASCO undertakes a number of initiatives aimed at improving the living standards of these members. In 2018 it made donations of basic amenities ie food stuffs to a Muslim community during IDUL FITRI.


Pursuant to section 57(2) of the Water Act which requires WASREB to issue licenses based on technical and commercial capability, the board has as one of the strategic issues the objective of promoting commercial sustainability of the WSBs and WSPs. To be able to realize this, WASREB will license WSPs based on specific technical and financial criteria. The goal of this is to ensure that the WSPs are capable of meeting routine operation and maintenance costs and have in place proper management for the provision of water services. The criteria is appropriate for the services to be provided by the WSP based on agreed categorization of WSPs. The license is a contractual arrangement between Provider and Customer.
EWASCO held a participation stakeholders’ meeting on 2nd August 2018 requesting WASREB to give a license to supply clean water and safe sanitation to the people of Embu. What this means is EWASCO will have more responsibilities of developing the infrastructure as well as initially carried out by the board unless delegated.
The guest was the CEO WASREB Eng Gakubia